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Give your business the edge, A double edge, move stock you don't want and find the stock you need, all in one location, and at the simple click of a mouse.

Stop wasting time driving to auctions, half the time bidding against the public or hours running your phone bill through the roof and still not finding what you want. Not any more join Oz Auto Wholesale today and tap into an Australia wide network.

Buy and sell instantly ensuring you have the stock that makes your business fire on all cylinders!! Join Today and start reaping the benefits you deserve.

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This site is strictly for Licensed Motor Dealers, Wholesalers and Auction Houses and stringent membership requirements ensures that all vehicles you list on this site will be available to other dealers only and not the General public

All dealers end up with vehicles that for some reason just won't sell, 90 days come around and there it is taking up valuable floor space on the lot, or you have a client that you know will buy that "Certain Car" in a heart beat, if you can just get you hands on it. Either way Oz Auto Wholesale. has you problems solved with the click of a mouse!!

Featured Services

  • Guaranteed Dealer Only Access 
  • Instant Access to vehicles Australia Wide
  • Ability to move slow moving stock and find the inventory for your yard asap



What we do to boost your sales while making your life easy

Every Dealer, and the sales staff, know only too well that your stock on the lot makes or breaks your sale figures at the end of the month, You can't sell what you haven't got, and some times you can't sell what you have got!! Open your Car Yard up with the most comprehensive range of Wholesale Vehicles available.

Don't waste your time on the phone, find what you want in seconds. You don't make money finding cars, you make money selling them, Get your sales people back out there on the lot with the stock they need to boost your numbers to an all time high. All from the power of Oz Auto Wholesale.

Here at Oz Auto Wholesale. we use the latest in technology to make life you life as easy as possible, The whole system is totally automated and once we have verified that you are a registered dealer and your account is activated it means you don't have wait for your listings to be loaded, a couple of clicks and your listing is there, photos and all!!. We don't hide anything from you either, if you find the car your after you contact them and deal directly, we are even working on some extra goodies to make this even easier and more economical, Click here for more details.

Coming Real Soon

  • Free Ph calls from dealer to dealer
  • Discounted car transport
  • Instant Urgent Car Wanted Link
  • Car Accessories Hotline

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